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No More Hair Loss!
I had a hair analysis done a few months ago. I got one done because my hair was falling out and my nails were breaking. The hair analysis showed I was not absorbing my nutrients well enough, especially calcium. The protocol Alane suggested enhanced my absorption and helped strengthen my body. My hair is full and healthy and my nails stopped breaking.

Thank you Alane!

Hyperative Testimony
“Alane’s nutritional guidance after a hair analysis test helped my daughter’s physical and emotional health tremendously. She went from whiny, chronically sick (sinus and ear infections), hyperactive and incredibly difficult to happy, sweet, healthy, focused, and “normal”! Her immune system has been so strong even through this flu season that her pediatrician’s office thought we switched doctors. We used to be there 1-3 times a week during rough periods and we haven’t been in 3 months!Thanks Alane for all of your help!”
– From a thankful mom in Alpharetta, GA

Weight Loss & Mal-absorption
“For years I had been adding on pounds slowly and feeling progressively worse and worse. I have suffered with many food allergies that made dieting extremely difficult. I finally got fed up with being obese. I sought help from Nutritionally Yours. We found a weight loss protocol that I could tolerate despite my allergies. Through consultations with Alane and hair analysis testing, we discovered that the food intolerance’s contributed to mal-absorption and severe mineral imbalance. By following her suggested weight loss protocol, I have finally started to lose the weight! I have lost almost 20 pounds and went from a size 16 to a size 12. Now the 12s are getting loose too! All this and I have not experienced any hunger while shedding the pounds. I also have more energy than ever before!! I have started exercising and hiking which I have never been capable of before in my life. Life is becoming enjoyable and rewarding again. Thank you, Alane.” – Joan

“I am a woman age 40 with Fibromyalgia. My symptoms were pain, depression, irritable bowel syndrome, anxiety and weight gain. A hair analysis identified elevated levels of heavy metals and indicated a B vitamin deficiency. After only 4 weeks on the protocol the pain is drastically reduced and my irritable bowel is gone!” Suzanne

Austism/Asperger’s Syndrome

“Alane Palmer began helping my Asperger’s diagnosed son after I sought her advice regarding his upcoming chelation therapy. She did a hair analysis which showed high levels of toxic metals, and low minerals like Calcium & Magnesium. Jacob is showing marked improvement in motor control and reduced anxiety since he started treatment with her. Just this week, he was willing to ride down a raft water slide alone and follow the lifeguard’s instructions without confusion. For most moms this would be taken for granted, but for me it was a gift from heaven.Alane colors her analytical expertise with a mother’s instinct and compassion. The autism community is blessed to have her.” – Lisa

“11 year old RJ showed very high levels of Copper in his hair analysis. His symptoms were muscle twitches, ADHDhyperactivity, and insomnia. After one month on his protocol to help detox the metals he started showing signs of improvement. He can now sleep through the night, is calmer and better behaved.” –A happy mom!

“Our 12 year old daughter’s hair analysis showed high Aluminum and food allergy/intolerance testing showed a problem with dairy. Her symptoms were similar to ADD. She could read ok, but could not comprehend or remember what she read. Less than 30 days on her protocol, her focus and mood improved drastically! Thank you Alane!” – Kim

ADHD quickly improved!

Thank you so very much for the help you have provided our family with the natural alternatives suggested to help our son’s ADHD symptoms. We have seen a tremendous difference in his hyperactivity and focus and, while under your suggested regimen, he is less confrontational and a much happier person. We are looking forward to school starting and a successful academic year.S.J.