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Heavy Metal ToxicityEnvironmental toxins are a concern in today’s society. It seems we are being exposed to more toxins everyday. Overtime, our body can become burdened with these toxins and start to create troublesome symptoms that effect our everyday life. Heavy metal toxicity is one of those toxins that can start to effect our health and life. It is a real concern for adults and children alike.

Normally, our body should be able to detox itself and clean out these environmental toxins. But many times the detox pathways can become overly burdened and not able to perform their job properly. Thus toxins like heavy metals can build up in the body.

There is a way that your hair can help when you are dealing with the possibility of heavy metal toxicity. Your hair can tell the story of the minerals and toxins that are within your body. Hair is a highly metabolic tissue. Hair stores toxins just like any other tissue in the body, and so contains a record of exposures to toxins over a period of time.

It is very simple to collect a sample of hair and test it for heavy metal toxicity. Hair sampling is non invasive, and easy to do at home.

Here are some points to think about when considering hair testing for Heavy Metal Toxicity:

  • It is easier to detect heavy metals in the hair than in the blood.
  • Heavy metals are not usually detected in high levels in the blood except immediately after an exposure.
  • Heavy metals tend to become stored in non-reactive tissues of the body, such as hair and fat.
  • If toxins are stored in the fat, then dieting or detoxing can release these toxins into the tissues of the body. The hair can help because it is a tissue that is easily tested.

When our clients order a Hair Analysis through to identify Heavy Metal Toxicity within the body we mail them a test kit right away. In the privacy of their own home, our clients cut and then ship their hair sample to us. Once the hair sample reaches our lab, the results of the testing are emailed in approximately 14 business days. A natural protocol to help reduce heavy metal toxicity and increase overall health and wellness is mailed a few days later.

Once you have had a chance to review all the information, you may have questions. With Nutritionally Yours, and you can schedule a phone consult with our Naturopath.

Your hair can also help you know if the heavy metal detox protocol is working or if you need something stronger. After you begin your protocol to reduce your heavy metal toxicity, you should allow approximately 5 months to pass before submitting another hair analysis sample. Many times the second hair analysis test result will be worse then the first. This is totally normal and indicative that the protocol is working to pull out the toxins from other areas of the body. Usually by the third hair analysis, heavy metal toxicity levels are reduced and our clients are feeling much better.

All of our hair analysis testing for heavy metal toxicity is done by nationally certified labs so you are assured the results are accurate. Nutritionally Yours and is here so you can overcome these symptoms and get on with your life.

Hundreds of clients from the Atlanta, GA area and around the world work with Nutritionally Yours. Our programs of health awareness have been so successful that we made our testing available via the internet. Not sure what testing you need? Our staff is ready to assist you! Give us a call or email us and let’s get started!

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by Alane Palmer, Naturopath, CNC