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attention_deficitIf you know a child with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, then you know the ADHD symptoms: constant motion, talking excessively, reacting impulsively and inability to sit still. They tend to get bored easily and either forget to do their homework or forget where they put it.

When searching for Attention Deficit / ADHD Relief, alternative treatments for ADHD, ADD or hyperactivity symptoms, a hair analysis test is a great tool.

Hair analysis and attention deficit: A hair analysis test can be used as a guide for which alternative therapies (minerals, antioxidant vitamins or detox support nutrients) may benefit the individual to help bring ADHD relief quickly and naturally. Note: the higher the toxins are, it is indicated that the antioxidants are low.

4Boys1Hyper-300x200Obtaining ADHD relief can be achieved by using proper antioxidant vitamins, minerals or simple dietary adjustments. Supporting the body with the correct vitamin/mineral balance can help a child calm down and think clearly. Example: low calcium/magnesium, &/or high sodium/potassium can lead to hyperactive behavior, twitching, inability to sit still, trouble sleeping and more.

Balanced mineral levels can reduce or eliminate attention deficit & hyperactivity symptoms.

Our hair analysis test identifies which metals may be contributing to the symptoms of ADHD or attention deficit symptoms. For example elevated aluminum can prevent calming minerals like calcium and magnesium from being absorbed and utilized by the body. A child suffering from ADD or lack of focus (a daydreamer for example) may have high levels of copper and high levels of calcium and magnesium causing fatigue which leads to boredom and lack of focus. The key to obtaining attention deficit relief is to identify which nutrients are needed to support “balance!”

A hair analysis can also be beneficial for children suffering from stomach aches, rashes, frequent colds or infections and sleep disturbances. For example, low zinc levels can affect the skin and the immune system. Low nickel and calcium levels can contribute to skin eruptions. High aluminum or copper can cause stomach aches.

Because it is very important for all minerals to be in balance, it is advised to find out each individual’s distinct makeup before giving supplements. 

Alternative therapies or an alternative treatment for ADHD children or adults should support vitamin and mineral balance.