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chronic fatigueDo you ever wonder “what can I take for more energy?” Well, sorry to say that there is no simple answer to that question! There is no “magic bullet” to improve a person’s energy level! Randomly trying different supplements that are supposed to be for increased energy levels, may make a little difference initially, but not in the long run.

We have to understand that when dealing with our human body, we need to respect the complexity of the body we have. We also must appreciate that there are many possible causes of chronic fatigue. A thorough medical history, physical examination and routine blood work sometimes uncover causes of chronic fatigue such as anemia, infection, or hypothyroidism. But when lab results are “normal,” that is when Hair Testing may be helpful in identifying reasons for the chronic fatigue.

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A prime function of the body is to produce energy from the food we eat. When biochemical energy production declines for any reason, the resulting symptom is chronic fatigue. Fatigue is the basic indicator of an energetic imbalance in the body. Fatigue is the most common complaint in doctors’ offices today. While it is not a disease, it is an early warning symptom for many potentially serious health conditions. Yet fatigue is not accorded nearly the importance that it deserves. Medical approaches to fatigue usually consist of treatment for anemia and hypothyroidism. Both these conditions must be considered as causes of fatigue. However, there are many other causes as well.

Two possible reasons why fatigue is oftentimes not addressed by physicians, are an inability to assess the causes of fatigue and an incomplete understanding of those causes. This paper discusses the use of the trace mineral analysis for assessing fatigue. Biochemical causes for fatigue include imbalances in the oxidation rate, interruptions in the energy pathway, heavy metal toxicity, sugar and carbohydrate intolerance and glandular imbalances.

Chronic fatigue not only affects physical health, but also work performance, behavior and family dynamics. Understanding fatigue can help us understand problems ranging from depression to drug addiction and crime. This article presents an overview of nutritional causes for fatigue, assessment of fatigue by mineral analysis and correction through scientifically applied nutrition programs.

How can our Hair Test help? What can it show?

1. Imbalanced Oxidation Rate – the rate in which food is burned. When the oxidation rate is too slow or too fast chronic fatigue can set in. There needs to be a calcium / potassium ratio of 4: 1 and a sodium / magnesium ratio of 4:17:1. Most people with chronic fatigue that do hair testing will have a SLOW oxidation rate. Calcium and Magnesium will show HIGH relative to Sodium and Potassium. This may indicate a sluggish thyroid or adrenal gland even when traditional labs seem to be normal.

  1. Calcium /Magnesium Ratio: An imbalanced ratio is an indicator of carbohydrate intolerance. Availability of glucose to the cells is essential for energy.
  2. Sodium / Potassium Ratio: When this ratio is low fatigue is always present. It can indicate sugar and carbohydrate intolerance, chronic stress, adrenal fatigue and even tissue breakdown.
  1. Elevated Toxic Metals: These can contribute to chronic fatigue in hair testing. They displace vital minerals and can impair energy pathways.
  2. Four – Low Electrolyte Pattern: The four main electrolytes (sodium, potassium , calcium, magnesium) are all below normal. This is associated with a stress pattern that includes chronic fatigue and can be identified through hair testing.
  1. Trace Mineral Deficiencies: Trace minerals are needed for energy pathways, for glucose metabolism and more. Low zinc, manganese, copper, iron and chromium are commonly found in hair testing when there is chronic fatigue.

Before starting on a supplement program, consider doing hair testing to identify specifically what nutrients your body needs to help your body battle the chronic fatigue better.

  • If you are searching for answers on how to feel more energized, hair testing is a terrific guide!
  • If you want to identify which mineral deficiencies you have that may be causing chronic fatigue, hair testing is an accurate, easy and non invasive method to help you.
  • If you want to know if your tissues are being burdened by metals which can lead to chronic fatigue, hair testing is a great way to obtain that information.


All of our hair testing is done by nationally certified labs so you are assured the results are accurate. Hair testing results are reviewed by our staff and the lab, who will then provide you with a personal protocol so you can know what is needed to support better health and wellness.



There are TWO ways to run hair testing through Nutritionally Yours and Analytical Labs.

Basic – is just a quick overview of minerals and toxins

Complete – is the same as the Basic but with more extensive information to read on your body, the minerals and toxins

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Medical disclaimer: Hair Testing cannot be used to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. All hair test results are to be used as educational materials to be used as a guide to help support your overall health and wellness. Always discuss concerns with your medical doctor.


Palmer, Alane, Naturopath, CNC –

Debe, Dr. Joseph – Getting to the Cause of Chronic Fatigue

by Alane Palmer, Naturopath, CNC