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Alane Palmer is the head practitioner at Nutritionally Yours. She is a Naturopath, Certified Nutrition Consultant and is licensed as a Diplomat in Pastoral Medicine. Also on staff is a Medical Doctor that is the acting medical director.  Alane has been working successfully in this field since 1997 doing hair analysis testing on many people. She has a successful local practice in Roswell, GA and is also able to help support and educate people all over the country and even all over the world.

We set up this hair analysis testing website to give people an opportunity to use our services any where they live.

Alane and her staff have seen so many health improvements when people use the vitamins and minerals their body needs. She understands that each person has individual supplemental needs and no protocol is the same for everyone.

Nutritionally Yours has been approved by the various labs on her websites to order specialized tests for people. Our staff has the knowledge and understanding on how toxins and minerals can effect health and wellness.

tonya Tonya Matus is the office manager and the head of the customer service dept. She has worked in the field of Holistic Medicine for many years. She is highly educated in hair analysis testing and its benefits to health and wellness. She has a true heart for every client that calls our clinic. She works right beside Alane and is here to help guide you in your journey towards health and wellness.




maria-cummings-headshotMaria Cummings:  Customer Service, Media Support

Maria is part of the Nutritionally Yours team. She is one of our bloggers and helps assist with customer service and office tasks. Maria loves people and is excited to be on this journey of helping others improve their health and wellness.  In her spare time, she volunteers with the youth and enjoys making homemade soap and spa products.


Nancy-Lefever-e1350322475532-265x300 Nancy Lefever MD , Medical Director





Alane and her staff believe that faith in God, eating right and using the highest quality nutritional supplements available, gives her clients the edge in quickly recovering their health in order to live a happier, fuller and healthier life, health and wellness. Along with each test result clients are provided with a personalized protocol to help them achieve better health and wellness.

We are committed in providing the highest quality and easiest to use hair analysis test kits in the country.